21 Exercises You Can Do with a Dish Towel

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Who needs a gym when you have fun at home workouts like this one. Paleohacks shares 21 exercises you can do with a dish towel with us to create a hassle free workout with no equipment needed. These days there always seems to be a new kind of exercise equipment available. From expensive yoga mats to medicine balls there are so many different types of equipment that promise to help you get in shape and transform your health and wellbeing. While a lot of the pieces of equipment do work when you use them appropriately and regularly, it can cost a lot of money to stock your home gym with all the latest and greatest workout toys. If you're just beginning to create a new healthy living routine, you may not have any of these items available so have already been stopped before you've started. That's why no equipment workouts like this one from Paleohacks are so great. They are easy to do with things you already have right at home, so you don't need to go out and buy anything new just to get your workout started. Getting started is the key, once you've started doing your workout regularly, it will become a part of your everyday routine.

For this workout routine, all you need is a regular old dish towel. You can use a couple of old dish towels that you know you won't really use again for dishes, or you can buy a brand new one from a home goods store. It would be fun to get bright colored dish towels in a funky pattern that suits your style. Plus, you can find a couple of cool dish towels for only a dollar or so at the dollar store. This workout is also great because you can do it wherever and whenever you need to, just pack your towels with you and workout in your hotel room or wherever you're staying. The only thing about this workout is that it will work the best on a smooth surface like a concrete or hardwood floor. The towels are placed either under your feet or your hands depending on the move you're doing, and you use the towels to slide your feet or hands across the floor. The routine consists of doing moves like mountain climbers, lunges, and push-ups all with the assistance of dish towels. You could do these moves without dish towels of course, but the towels help to slide your feet and hands on the floor more easily, but this also means that you'll have to work a bit harder to stabilize your body which works your body harder.

The workout consists of 21 exercises that will work every inch of your body, and it could be done in under an hour, or even half an hour. You could also take the moves you like and incorporate them into the routine you already do. Paleohacks has tons of great workout routines you can try out, as well as many lifestyle tips to help you reach your fitness goals. Being paleo is a lifestyle chosen by people who have to or want to cut grains and dairy out of their lifestyle and focus more on vegetables and lean protein. People who follow a paleo eating routine find it promotes their overall health and wellbeing, eating a natural, balanced diet and getting regular exercise is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle. For more great healthy life style tips and more healthy living inspiration, be sure to check out the Paleohacks website and try some of their recipes and fitness routines.***

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