She Massaged a Sliced Potato into Her Face for 7 Days and the Result Is So COOL!

If you've ever had dark spots left on your face left over from acne, pimples or scratches, you know how difficult they can be to remove. The dark pigmentation is known as post-inflammatory pigmentary ... read more

Magical Effects of Potato Peel for Your Grey or White Hair, You Need to Try It

This simple life hack for getting rid of white hair or premature grey hair works like magic and uses an ingredient that you would least expect. The diy idea uses potato water to get the job done. To s ... read more

She Placed a Panty Liner in Her Undereye, When I Found out Why I Had to Try It

Get ready to be blown away by these innovative beauty hacks from none other than Laura Lee. Straight from one of the top Beauty Gurus, these 10 Ratchet Beauty Hacks have to be some of the coolest ide ... read more

She Applied Milk and Avocado into Her Hair and the Result Is Awesome!

You will love this DIY idea for a homemade avocado hair mask that puts so much moisture into your hair. The simple life hack video will show you how to apply it. The best part about this DIY idea is t ... read more

This Woman Applied Egg into Her Face and Hair.. When You See the Result, You'll Probably Try It to Yourself!

You will want to learn about this quick and easy way to take care of your skin. The best part about this diy idea for a beauty mask is that it won't cost you a lot of money. In the video, you will lea ... read more

She Put Some Kool-Aid on Her Hair..When I Saw the Result, I Tried It Myself Too!

Keep up with the latest trends and dye your hair a fun, bright colour. You don't even have to go to the salon to get it done, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, plus it takes a lot of time ... read more

Weird Toothbrush Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

It's always so miraculous to find different uses for ordinary everyday items. Like a toothbrush for example. We all know that our toothbrushes are great for cleaning our teeth, but did you know that ... read more

Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!

We all want to look our best. Not to impress others, but to feel good for ourselves and enhance our own natural beauty. People have been interested in beauty and style since ancient times, and even ... read more

These Genius Lip Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

It's awesome to use simple life hacks in our everyday lives, especially when they save us time and money. These beauty hacks from Niki Sky's YouTube channel will not only save you time and money, but ... read more

Permanent Hair Straightening at Home with Two Ingredients. This Is Genius!

One of the most popular trends in hair is straight hair. If you love straight hair you will want to give this DIY idea a try for a hair mask that only takes two ingredients to make. Straight hair seem ... read more

Want to Know Her Secret on How to Get Longer Lashes? Hint: You Can Find This Secret Weapon in Your Kitchen!

If you love the look of long eye lashes, you will want to take a look at this step by step video tutorial with over 930,000 views. The diy idea uses a kitchen spoon, mascara and curvex eyelashes to ge ... read more

How to Get Gorgeous Curly Hair with a Pencil

Bored of your same old hairstyle? Why not try out this super curly hair tutorial? There are so many diy ideas and hacks for doing hair, especially for those with longer hair. This beauty hack can b ... read more

She Puts Elmer's Glue All over Her Nose. The Result? Incredible!

Of all the beauty trends out there, bet you never thought you'd be using glue for a beauty hack. Yes, that's right, Elmer's school glue, that white paste that you used in elementary school for making ... read more

You Won't Believe What Coffee and Coconut Oil Can Do to Your Skin

Of all the natural health products available, coconut oil seems to be one of the most versatile of them all. The question is, is there anything you can't do with coconut oil? This stuff is great for ... read more

The Coca Cola Hair Rinse, Beauty Hacks Fail or Holy Grail?

If you like the beachy wave look for your hair, you will want to give this step by step simple life hack video a watch. The Coke hair rinse, the DIY idea is a thing that people are talking about thank ... read more

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