Lower Ab Workout: 5 Easy Exercises to Strengthen and Tight the Core

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When it comes to healthy living, many people want to know how to get the nicest, rock hard abs possible, and this lower ab workout will help. These 5 exercises are aimed at strengthening and tightening the core, which are your abdominal muscles. The core of your body is very important to the overall health and wellbeing of your entire body. Your core muscles are made up of the group of muscles that are called the Abdominals, or for short, known as your Abs. There are three layers of muscles in the abdomen that support the center of the body and helps to hold the body upright. These muscles also help us to turn the body from side to side and bend over and stand up. The muscles are called the external oblique abdominis, internal oblique abdominis, transversus abdominis, and the rectus abdominis. The Rectus Abdominis is what is commonly referred to as the "six-pack" that shows up at the front of the body, and often people refer to the lower and upper ab muscles, which might have some people thinking that it's two separate muscles, but the Rectus Abdominis is actually one solid muscle. Toning this muscle means eliminating the fat that is overtop of it so the true form of the muscle can be seen. That's where exercises like these will come in really handy and will get you the strong core you've been wanting.

Having a strong core isn't just about looking good. Looking good is just a great byproduct of healthy living and the true benefits of maintaining a healthy, strong abdominal region. When you exercise the abs, you are strengthening the muscles that help to keep your spine in place and your also benefiting your posture. People who sit a lot while they're working at a desk may have weaker ab muscles which make their lower backs more susceptible to injury. The stronger the abs are, the better your posture will be and the more protected your lower back will be from injury. Sitting in a way that helps to take the pressure off the lower back is key. Tilting the pelvis forward is a great way to improve a seated posture. Just by placing a small pillow or thick cloth under the bottom, you can improve your seated posture immensely. Sitting cross-legged is also a better way to sit for your overall health and wellbeing too.

The 5 exercises from Fitwirr are designed to target that lower area of your abdomen. This area can be tricky because it's where our bodies like to store any excess fat. These moves in the routine will work the the transversus abdominis and the external obliques most specifically, which will tighten and tone up that lower belly area. The exercises are the Reverse Crunch which is a move where you're lying on your back, and instead of pulling your upper body up, you pull your lower body up. So you are going to be pulling your legs up to the sky with your feet flexed to get the most out of this move. Then you do some scissors which involve alternately lifting and lowering your legs to create a scissor-like motion. Then, you do some cross body mountain climbers, some elbow to knee crunches and hold a plank position for 30 seconds. You do each exercise 12-15 times and hold the plank for 30 seconds and do 2 to 3 sets of each exercise. Always listen to your body and stop when you need to. Doing this routine will become easier, and it will be a great addition to any healthy lifestyle improving your overall health and wellbeing.***

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