One Third of Weed Businesses Are Run by Women

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One of the most popular alternative therapies seems to be cannabis these days. With the growing number of states and countries legalizing cannabis there is also a desire to get into the business of legally growing pot and distributing it legally as well. It turns out that women have been ahead of the game and are getting in on the ground level of cannabis businesses and they are taking leadership positions faster in the cannabis industry than in any other industry. Now This Weed says that over a third of the executive positions are held by women which is pretty great considering most industries are male-dominated. In contrast, in other industries, it's more like 5 percent of executive positions that are held by women. It's wonderful that women have not only gotten a jump start on getting into the cannabis industry in the business end, but also in the science aspect of it too where over half of the leadership roles are filled by women. By more women getting in positions of power in these businesses, it makes for a more even playing field whereas before, many of the systems were already male-dominated and women had a hard time advancing in those systems.

Not only is the presence of women in the weed industry great for the women in it already, but it's also inspiring for other women who might be considering entering into the industry too. Overall, the existing presence of women will prevent it from becoming a "boys club" right from the very beginning so that women have better opportunities in this quickly growing business. Alternative therapies like cannabis are being used under the care of doctors now too as studies are showing how great it can be for different illnesses. There are different ways of taking medicinal marijuana including smoking the flowers or the bud, taking capsules filled with the beneficial parts of the plant, tinctures, oils, edibles and more. Along with the well-known thc in cannabis that people are most familiar with for its euphoric qualities, there is also another cannabinoid in the plant called cbd. Cbd is not psychoactive making it better for other ailments and illnesses such as anxiety since thc can trigger paranoia and anxiety in some people. Cbd is also great for insomnia as well, and can also help with PTSD in some cases. It can also be good for pain, and you can find cbd in creams and body lotions as well.

When it comes to legalizing cannabis Colorado was one of the first states to legalize medicinal marijuana and the to legalize recreational marijuana. Next, Oregon, Washington State, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Alaska followed in their footsteps with Connecticut in the process of making a final decision on whether to legalize recreational marijuana or not. Other states in the US have made it legal for medicinal use, or have decriminalized it. Even if cannabis is legal for recreational use, there are still laws and regulations about growing pot and how much regular people can grow. For commercial growers, there are also regulations and applications to fill out for growing pot for distribution, and then there are expensive applications for distributing it out of a legal dispensary as well. It's important to keep it regulated so that there are fewer issues with the black market. Check out the video from Now This Weed on Facebook and learn more about women's role in the cannabis industry. They have a bunch of other great informational videos on the cannabis industry and other facts on cannabis in general if you're interested in learning more.***

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