She Rubbed This Single Product in Her Bruises and It Magically Disappear, Find out How

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Here's a great beauty hack and home remedy for getting rid of bruises. Accidents happen, and sometimes they lead to getting bruises. But those bluish purple marks can be quite unsightly especially if you have an important event coming up or some photos to be taken. If you have a bruise that you need to get rid of, try this interesting beauty hack from Rachel on YouTube. The hack is supposed to magically get rid of your bruise, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. A bruise is caused by impact to the skin which causes the capillaries or blood vessels below the surface to burst. The blood from the vessels is then stuck under the skin which is what causes the discoloration which is what we call a bruise. Usually, bruises aren't too much to worry about unless the impact was extremely forceful and was to the head or organs. Sometimes severe internal bleeding can occur which is a lot more serious than a simple bruise. So always visit your doctor or hospital if your injuries were severe. To get rid of a small, faint bruise just take a cotton ball and soak it in some mouth wash. Then place it on the bruise for a minute or more, and the bruise will fade away.

It's not clear why the mouthwash works to get rid of bruises, but it seems to work. Another way you can treat bumps and bruises the natural way is to get some witch hazel on them. Just do the same as you would with the mouthwash and put a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on the bruise or bump, and it should relieve the swelling and bruising. To lighten up dark spots on your skin, one of Rachel's simple life hacks also teaches us how to use a potato for this. Just cut the potato so that the flesh is exposed, and rub the potato juice and flesh on the darker spots. There are special enzymes in potatoes called catecholase, which work as a natural bleaching agent. You can use the potato to lighten dark pigmentation in the armpits, on the face or anywhere on the body. One of the other simple life hacks helps us numb some of the pain that comes from tweezing your facial hair whether it's your eyebrows, lip hair or anything else. You can essentially try this trick on any hair you're about to tweeze. You need some tooth ache gel which you can find at the pharmacy. Just take a little dab and put it on the areas you're about to tweeze, and it'll numb the skin you put it on.

One of the other great diy ideas Rachel shows us, is how to make your lashes longer and thicker by using simple cotton balls. Basically, you're going to use the fibres of cotton from the cotton ball to add more length and volume to your lashes. After you apply the first coat of mascara on your eye lashes, you pick up some cotton ball fibres with an eyebrow brush and then add them to your eye lashes. You continue to add more cotton fibres between the coats of mascara, and soon you'll see that you have thicker, longer lashes than if you were to just apply mascara on it's own. This way you don't have to get any lash extensions, you can just do them yourself. You have to try out all of the simple life hacks and diy ideas Rachel shares with us in this video and on her great channel. Subscribe to her channel, so you don't miss any of the cool ideas.***

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