Simple DIY Ready to Use Eye Shadow Makeup That'll Definitely Save You Some Time in the Morning

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Learn how to apply makeup faster with these great beauty hacks from Rachel on YouTube. Have you ever had to be somewhere and didn't have enough time to do your makeup? One of these great simple life hacks teaches you how to make the perfect smokey eye in literally seconds flat. Of all the beauty trends of all time, the smokey eye is one of the trends that never seems to go out of style. There are so many ways to do a smokey eye, with dark shadows, metallic shadows, and even colourful shadows. The smokey eye consists of three different shades of eye shadow, usually within the same colour pallet. So if you're going for a bronze smokey eye, you'd use a light shade of cream coloured shadow, then a slightly darker shade of brown, with a very rich dark brown shade. The shades usually go from light to dark starting with the lightest shade of eyeshadow on your eyelid, then the medium shade just above that, and the darkest shade in the crease of your eye and toward the outer edge of the eye. It creates a very dramatic look that really makes eyes pop.

No matter what kind of smokey look you're going for, you can probably achieve it with this beauty hack from Rachel's video. All you need are some sheets of foam paper. You can buy these at the dollar store or at any craft store, and they're pretty cheap. Sometimes you can buy them as singles or in a pack with different colours included. You might want to use white coloured foam for this beauty hack so you can see the colours you're applying clearly. Once you have your foam sheets, you want to cut pieces out of the foam that resembles the shape of your eyelid and the surrounding skin. Then, put some water on the foam pieces and brush some eyeshadow onto them in the way you want it to appear on your eye. So the dark on the outside and the lighter colours on the inside. Then leave them to dry, and they'll be ready to use the next day or in a few hours. When you're ready to use them, simply take the foam piece that's a match to your eye and match it up to the shape of your eye, then press it onto the eye gently and take the foam off. The eye shadow will have transferred onto your eyelid, pretty cool right? Then, all you do is simply blend your eye shadow in with a brush, and you have yourself a smokey eye that you created in seconds. It's kind of like a smokey eye stamp that you create, and you can create a bunch of these so make your life so much easier.

If you always have chapped lips, there's also a beauty hack for that too. Rachel shows us that using a green tea bag helps to relieve chapped lips altogether. All you need is one single green tea bag, which you wet and then squeeze out all of the water. Place the damp tea bag on your lips for 5 minutes, and when you take it off, your lips won't be chapped anymore. Another great way to cure chapped lips is to put a drop of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil into some coconut oil to put on your lips. The peppermint will completely soothe those chapped lips and even make them look plumper and fuller. Enjoy trying all of these awesome simple life hacks and diy ideas and be sure to check out some of her other videos for more ideas.***

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