Top 10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

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Trying to loose weight? Even if you kicked off a fitness routine and opted to healthier foods, you may not seeing the desired weight come off the way you wanted it to happen. While there are a lot of other healthy activities to celebrate with these choices, it can be annoying not to see results when you step on the scale. Sounds familiar? Read the following reasons below on why you may not losing weight. Let's start from ten to one.

10. Your Diet is NOT a diet. Most people who are thinking they are making a healthy eating option are in fact doing the opposite mirror. There are dozens of food and drinks that emerge and claim to be a superb choice for dieters, though it packs more of a calorie than you ever think. Always read the nutritional facts before purchasing.

9. You are disregarding sleep. Being energetic and staying away from laziness contributes largely to weight loss, BUT, on the other hand, there is nothing more harmful than overdoing and not giving yourself the opportunity for proper sleep. Our body simply cannot generate anything to its maximum potential without a steady sleep pattern. Therefore, a tired and worn out body will have difficulty processing calories and most likely will be prone to store extra fat reserves just to cope with the demand for your lifestyle.

8. You are bulking up. Losing weight is a common word you can hear and gets thrown away when it comes to dieting. Some people find themselves ending up with the body they desired without ever losing weight. The main reason is that, Muscle weighs far more than fat. As a result, if a diet and exercise are effectively burning fat reserves that are proportional for building muscle, the overall weight of the body may not decrease at all.

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