Use This One Product So It Won't Hurt When You Tweeze Your Brows

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If you like to keep up with the latest beauty trends, YouTube is probably a favorite of yours already. It's a great source for all things makeup and beauty, and with all the different Beauty Gurus teaching us how to do makeup, we'll all be applying makeup like the pros. If you can do it yourself, get it done more affordably, and still look amazing, then why not right? Rachel is one of these YouTubers who shares a bunch of awesome simple life hacks and diy ideas with us through her own beauty channel on YouTube called Rclbeauty101. She mainly shares beauty hacks and trends, but she also posts challenge videos which are really fun to watch too. In most recent beauty trends, the brows seem to be the focal point of the face, and it's undeniable that a good, strong eyebrow frames the whole face and creates a bold look. Unlike past trends, a full, thick eyebrow is back in style. During the early 2000s, the eyebrows were barely seen and often over plucked and waxed. The more recent trends see eyebrows that embrace that early 90s, Brooke Sheilds look. But of course, some grooming is still needed to maintain their shape and form.

Most of us use tweezers to groom our brows, or, we get them waxed, threaded or sugared. Waxing the eyebrows can be quite painful, but it's quick and it lasts longer than tweezing. Basically, wax is spread onto the hairs, and a sheet of cotton cloth is placed firmly over the area and ripped off really quickly. It's the same with sugaring, just different ingredients. Threading is done by using a thin piece of cotton thread that wraps around each individual hair to pull it out. Since it's done hair by hair, it can be less painful than waxing, and it doesn't pull off any skin in the process either. Since the hairs are removed from the root, they don't grow back thick like they do when we tweeze, and they may even grow back finer over time. Then, there's Microblading, which is essentially tattooing on your eyebrows. Microblading tool has several tiny needles with pigments that match the person's natural eyebrows and they create fine strokes that resemble real hairs. It's a semi-permanent tattoo though, so it will come off in several months or so, but you can get touch ups. That way if eyebrow trends change, you can change the way you get your brows microbladed.

While all of these brow enhancing methods can be convenient and look beautiful when they're done well, the treatments can be pricey and they can really hurt. If you're happy going the diy route and tweezing at home as usual, you can try one of the simple life hacks from Rachel's video here to help you to numb some of the pain that comes from tweezing your hair. You can also use this trick on any hair you tweeze. So all you need is some tooth soothing gel, just like the stuff you give a baby when their teething to soothe their gums. Or maybe you've had to use some before for a canker sore or a toothache. If you've ever tried it before, you know that this stuff numbs the area it's put on. So naturally, when you put it on the areas you want to tweeze, it will numb the skin so you don't feel the tweezing as much. Pretty smart, right? Just apply before you start to tweeze and let it sit for a little, and you'll be ready for some tweezing. Enjoy this and many other diy ideas and beauty hacks from Rachel's awesome channel.***

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